Callaway Women's XR Hybrid

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Callaway Women’s XR Hybrid BestGolf Putters


For our new XR Hybrids best golf putters, we changed our whole advance to create a hybrid. Which is easier to hit and longer. Because we love a confront. From the earth up, we developed a totally new copied Hyper Speed Face Cup that increase ball speed for much better detachment and pardon. The thoughts kept pending, so we put in more MOI and lowered CG even more by redesigning the head shape. Just improving the interior position wave. It’s astonishing what you can do when you change all.

best golf putters Callaway Women's XR Hybrid Callaway Women's XR Hybrid Callaway Women's XR Hybrid Callaway Women's XR Hybrid

Features & quality

Improved Ball Speed for Greater Distance the next generation of this Hyper Speed Face Cup increase ball speed. All across the face so you get distance and mercy at every crash place, still on off middle hit

Advanced MOI and Lower CG In a Hybrid best golf putters We’ve completely redesigned the head shape to re position weight; this creates even more forgiveness. The CG that’s 46% lower than X2 Hot More MOI and Ball Speed Our re-engineered center place signal is the final team player; It’s a developed method to enhance MOI and still give the face cup the freedom to flex for more ball speed.

This smart product is not only for playing, you can use it as a gift for you friend. The manufacturer is taking all responsibility for durability. If have any problem they will help you. We are ready for giving you more information. no more today. just keep on. only one recommendation, before buying this product you must observe this product.

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