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Volley Ball Compete/Iron On Embroidered Patch

We are going to introduce you with volley ball shorts that is compete/Iron on Embroidered Patch. It is another volley ball of AE company. AE manufactures qualitative products and also ensures better quality that is fulfilled buy Amazon. AE is also ensuring iron on embroidered applique and volleyball with royal blue printing size that is 2 round.
volley ball shorts

It also has heat seal appliques are easy to place on a garment, tote bag, place mats, sheets, etc. application instructions and preheat iron to cotton setting. But it is not usable steam during application. It also hasp position design and cover with thin pressing cloth that is soft and comfortable. Pressing straight down with constant pressure for 25 seconds but do not iron back and forth and allow to cool thoroughly before using it and heat seal to cotton and cotton polyester fabrics that will give you soft feelings but you have to aware that it is not apply able to rayon. These designs are machine washable and dry cleanable.

Finally we hope that volley ball shorts On Embroidered Patch can fulfill your volley ball game’s demand because to play better it has a lot of features. So you can order any time this products can be shipped only the U.S. it has great customers reviews and respond. At this time, it is shipped only the U.S but AE is trying to shipp internationally. This is appropriate time to buy it because now shipping cost is free.

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