Srixon Z-Star 2016 Golf Balls

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Srixon Z-Star Golf Balls (One Dozen)

Srixon Z-Star 4 White golf balls Optimized For Every Shot On The Course ! SrixonaTMs Z-Star was constructed to give players ultimate distance and control in a Tour quality of golf ball. This is a ball, however, that will work best for players with higher speeds swing, as the designed by core for optimum response from faster swings, especially as it relates to distance off the tee. While the Z-Star will deliver on distance, it a TMs three (3)piece construction and Spin Skin technology provide incredible feel.

This ball allow for maximum spin and control on full shots with short irons and wedges, as well as around the green shots played. Which is the better player  TMs ultimate desire in a golf ball. Z-Star gets plenty of play on every professional tour. Additionally, an improved utilized by dimple pattern in the Z-Star to make the ball more. Ideal For Golfer’s with higher swing speeds who value control in a golf balls first and foremost.

Fast Performance:

The Z-Star will still generate plenty of distance off the tee, but where this ball is at. This is the best scoring shots ball, be it from around the green or the fairway . It’s a premium price point Comes From Z-Star, but it delivers Depend on tour proven performance. If you are a player, however, with an Particularly fast swing speed, the Z-Star XV Evidence a look.

Energetic Gradient Growth Core The Z Stara TMs core was designed to deliver faster golf balls acceleration at impact for improved distance. It is  the 2nd Generation Spin Skin and the coating used on the cover of the Z-Star, impact on Spin Skin creates 18 % percent more frictional force. Which results in a ball that feels softer and provides around the green maximum control. 324 Dimple Speed Pattern A combination of higher dimple uniformity distance and better.

Srixon Z-Star 2016 Golf Balls Srixon Z-Star 2016 Golf Balls


The next generation New Z-Star combines spin skin and speed dimples innovation to give the “tour” player unmatched feel and control, and the energetic gradient growth core delivers incredible distance.

Second Generation Spinskin

The new increases coating frictional force by 18% percent and overall cover softness by 21% percent compared to the previous Z-Star, leading to more green side spin and touch.

324 Speed Dimple Pattern

The Next Generation Dimple Speed Technology combines uniformity of dimple design with higher surface coverage, creating more distance and wind resistance.

Energetic Gradient Growth Core

Advanced construction optimizes by Performance S.T.A.R..

S.T.A.R Performance

Each Srixon golf ball model is designed by strategically balancing spin, trajectory, acceleration and responsiveness for the target player. The result is unmatched performance on every shot.


Cover Hardness: 27

Cover Thickness: 0.020″

Compression: 90

Dimple Number: 324

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