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Axis Premium Longboard is a unique and stylish skateboard sports equipment stores which is manufactured by Arbor and marketed by easy-to-open packaging.

Features & quality

The Arbor Axis premium longboard is 40″ complete longboard with wide wheel base for smooth, steady turns. The balanced shape is inspired by arbor’s snowboard designs and permits you to ride equally well from either end.

Descent through mounted trucks and a stiffer construction create this a fun, approachable ride for stress-free commutes and around-town sailing.

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Cruise through the streets in style with the Axis Premium Longboard from Arbor Sports. Axis premium longboard made with 8 plies of maple, this board has just the right amount of durability and flex for riding down a hill, while its wide construction gives you a confident stability.

Classic on longboards, the Arbor Axis comes with standard 70 mm black wheels which fit the overall look of the board. The stock bearing it comes withAbec 5’s which are among the lower end of the bearings market.

Upgrading these components is easy and cheap though.From rolling around sidewalks to zipping downhill, the Axis Longboard sports equipment stores keeps you rolling in style.Thane Slide and Slip Bearings contains ABEC 5 Grip: Lucid Grip clear spray-on grip made from crushed recycled glass AX406C , arbor Axis Premium Longboards is reclaimed for use in other products Decks are produced using eco-friendly water-based sanding sealers.


Axis premium longboard has a stylish outlook with 70mm 78A wheels. Axis premium longboard comes with only one size and its weight is 8 pounds. One more thing, Wheel color may be different as pictured in here.

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