Pro Impact Rugby Ball

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Pro Impact Official Size Training Rugby Ball


Pro Impact rugby ball is made by well known company named Pro Impact. Pro is the official size training ball and it is familiar for its price that comparatively lower than others but quality is good. This is ideal ball for practice and also for playing match.

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Pro ball has various design with excellent quality and different colors such as Blue, Red and White that looks smart enough. This ball is covered of rubber, cotton and polyester latex bladder from which its easy to catch when wet. It is four panel ball with size 5 and shipped downhearted. The price of this ball is unbeatable with fast shipping. This rugby ball has more grip than the other balls I have at rugby practice. Sometimes this ball is losing air while you’re using but need not to be worried, just you should be pumping up the ball before using it.


Actually Pro Impact ball is pretty decent and it has more balanced than Gilbert training balls that has slightly better grip with low costing. So, this is a good practice ball for its great price that can’t be beat anymore. The quality is 100% guaranteed. If you have any problem about this product then the manufacturer will give you opportunity to exchange the product or back money. So, don’t worry. To get more information about sports item, keep your eye regularly on our site. We always try to update new content. We are ready for you all time.

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