Medicus Overspin CB2 Golf Putter

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Mantis Mallet best golf putters

At Mantis best golf putters we believe in giving golfers an “unjust benefit. We offer you a chance to make more putts than ever before. Our best golf putters execute and are certain to improve your putting. Mantis blends state-of-the-art design and equipment with original eye movement organizes. Difficult has shown that eye solidity is dangerous to putting constancy. Stable eyes help ensure that your putter face is square at impact. Of note, putter position that is off by as little as one degree, results in a 10 foot putt that misses the hole entirely. Mantis Putters carry high MOI “moment of inactivity” and will twist less on miss-hits, ensuring that the ball tracks toward the hole on the planned line. The highly tested face put in delivers great feel and reliable roll, putt after putt.

best golf putters


The face-balanced Mantis Mallet best golf putters will transport on the most difficult golfer’s potential. The Mallet’s design has no sharp angle to divert the eye, deliver a better putter that is based upon years of knowledge and difficult. Our mallet plan plus eye movement manage income you will be a more reliable and putt better.

B Blade

The heel-toe weighted Mantis ‘B’ has great balance and feel. It will inspire greater putting confidence, increasing your ability to make putts. Eye-tracking studies have confirmed that the high-performance design and eye motion control create a more stable and consistent putting stroke.

Watch the Ball; Not the best golf putters.

Just Point and Putt

No one ever says keep your eye on the club

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