Light Up Basketball
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Light Up Basketball


Light up basketball This LED is so wonderful! As soon as you bounce the ball, two impact started LED lights illuminate the whole ball a magnificent red glow! This looks so cool at night, and is incomplete blast to play with.

Features & activities

This glowing ball truly is improbable to play with. It looks, feels, and plays just like a real basketball. Shooting certain hoops in the driveway after dark never has been funnier! So many people have no idea this creation exists, be the 1st to show your friends how grand this product is!

basketballLight Up Basketball  Light Up Basketball Light Up Basketball Light Up BasketballLight Up Basketball

We’ve heard so many excessive stories from all kinds of basketball players using these balls. Many consumers use these for ball Freestyles, enactments, half time shows, talent shows, trick shots, and many other fun uses. It’s always fun playing with harvests that glow or light up.

In addition to this being a really fun product, we’ve observed ourselves getting extra exercise than usual. We find ourselves playing with the ball at times we normally wouldn’t or because it’s so much fun, we continue to play longer than usual.

Here at Glow City, we play with this ball all of the time and take disruptions from work to shoot some hoops. These make great gift thoughts, and truly a unique product. Show up to your next local night ball game and bring one of these, just vigorousthese floodlit balls attract care like you wouldn’t believe.


People are haggard right to the ball at night and will want to see it for themselves, sure to make for some decent pictures. It can be a lot of fun playing with these balls at night games and events. We stand behind schedule our product and if you’re not happy with the product we will receive returns no questions requested. We are happy to answer any questions.

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