KONG Rubber Ball Extreme

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KONG Rubber Band Ball Extreme

Kong Extreme rubber band ball is the best bouncing and one of the most durable rubber ball in the market made by USA based renown company named King. The ball measurement is 3 inches that is flexible for medium and large breeds. Basically, this ball is made for the entertainment of dogs or pets for their entertainment. This ball is puncture-resistant one and for this reason it is particularly good for outdoor use.

KONG Rubber Ball Extreme rubber band ball KONG Rubber Ball Extreme KONG Rubber Ball Extreme

Kong is a black and solid rubber ball with a hole drilled through center, though most of the time this kind of ball does not have the hole. It looks like pretty ball that is larger than a tennis ball and smaller than a soft ball. This ball is made of natural solid rubber band ball and it has extreme bounce for active play. Basically dogs are the powerhouse with very strong jaws and when they play with it, they try to bear it down and do real damage then it nicely slips out from their mouth due to saliva on the ball.

It is an excellent ball for dogs play and your dog will love you for it cause Kong extreme can be the most favorite playing balls for your loving dogs. The durability of this product is really good. you must forget when you have bought it.

The manufacturer is giving you 100% quality guarantee. If you have any dis-satisfaction, you may complain. They are ready to change your product. For more information you may contact with us.

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