H&C Sports Water Bottle

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H&C Sports Water Bottle for Kids


H&C Sports water bottle for kids is a single water bottle of 250OZ with straw and 100% natural corn lid and wide mouth. The world famous company H&C make this product with good features and activities. The bottles have become more and more essential in our daily life. It’s not only a drinking tool but also the way to give you an idea about our personality. H&C new style water bottle is just what you require! It’s time to enjoy a new life with H&C. This is versatile and durable an invincible hydration water bottle!

H&C Sports Water Bottle H&C Sports Water Bottle H&C Sports Water Bottle

Features & activities

H&C sports water bottles are manufactured from 18/8 food medical grade with BPA free stainless steel and healthy silicone straw. It provides guarantee of avoiding leeching the chemicals or toxins which are non-healthy. Especially the cap of this sports water bottles come from natural corn starch (PLA) which can surpass any plastic material. And H&C bottles are perfect for long-term healthy and hygienic drinking which is needed most for our health and body.

water bottle for kids H&C Sports Water Bottle
H&C Sports Water Bottle


This bottle has a theme story with state of art design and its virtually premium air transfer printing techniques also insure that all of the finished design printings are hardly scratched.


H&C water bottle for kids has convenient cap with flip straw and handle which can be opened easily just by toggling the button. Make it fast and convenient when drinking on the travel. Our bottle can also be hung to your bags, bottle holders and carriers with the handle which is much convenience. The capacity of this bottle is 250 OZ which can meet your every day demand of drinking quantity. The single printing is great for any sport choices whether it is cycling, running, climbing and hiking, bodybuilding camping or traveling.

H&C Sports Water Bottle H&C Sports Water BottleH&C Sports Water Bottle

H&C’s fashionable design aims to reflect sportsmanship and the colorful printing is totally unique. It is provided an extra medical grade soft silicone straw to meet your different demand of drinking and a carabiner to make the bottle easily fond of.

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by Donald on Blank Product Name
Essential one

This Bottle has become more and more essential in my daily life that it’s not only a drinking tool, but also the way to give me an idea about my personality. H&C new style water bottle is just what I require! It’s time to enjoy a new life.

by Pisla on Blank Product Name

The versatility of this product allows for you to use it with any kind of drink that you can think of, and for any occasion. Going to the gym, add some water, going somewhere that you want to sneak in some wine or beer? No one will ever know it's not water, it has you covered. Throw a sports drink in there and your kids are good to go to their next sporting event. The flip top spout makes it easy enough for a toddler to use and older children just love it too!

by moban on Blank Product Name

I generally use this instrumentation for water. The primary twice I drank out of the instrumentation, I felt the water tasted like metal. After that, I detected my water tasted crisp and freshman. This instrumentation keeps my water temperature cold as if I simply poured it from the electric refrigerator. I received several compliments on however elegant my water instrumentation is.