Sportime Eurofoam Ball - 7 Inches - Orange

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Sportime Euro Foam Ball sports equipment stores


Euro foam Ball – 7 Inches is one of the best of sports equipment stores that has good features. It has attractive orange color . This is provided by Sportime that is founded in 1959 which headquartered in Greenville. The quality is very good with low price which part number is 009644. Its  UNSPSC no; 49241500, item model number is 009644 and Shipping Weight: 3.2 ounces.


Sportime Euro foam Ball has some attractive features such as good price, more durable and loads of fun. The foam of the ball is very soft that takes away the fear of being hurt by the ball. It has a durable coating that is washable and can be disinfected and perfect for withstand hard use.

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Every sportsman can use for for gym, playground or classroom activities. The product also has low density foam construction for comfortable catching and throwing. The foam ball is versatile for use in instructional demonstrations, class drills, and modified games those have durable coating for washing and disinfecting. Sportime Euro foam Ball measures 7.0”/180.0mm in diameter, and is latex free for individuals with latex allergies for this this ball is suitable for elementary and middle school grade levels.

The Euro foam ball sports equipment stores works as health teachers, physical education instructors. As a professionals it helps to develop their knowledge and skills to participate in different of physical activities. The wonderful products help to build good health these include gear such as balls, nets, disks, gloves, helmets, and track and field equipment. To support gym, athletic, and recreational activities, as well as fitness and health-related toys, books, and games those are very necessary.

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