Cleveland Best Golf Putters Men’s RTX-3

Cleveland Golf Men's RTX-3 VMG

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Cleveland Men’s  best golf putters RTX-3 Black Satin Wedges Get Closer to the Hole with New Cleveland Golf Wedges. It has long produced great wedges for professionals and apprentice alike. The company has never been more passionate about a new line than it is about RTX-3.


The design helps the golfers for getting the ball closer to the hole. The Cleveland believes that three design materials will allow these wedges to achieve that goal. As well as give players more consistent results. It increase immobility on all shots, and tighter shot scattering.

Cleveland Golf Men's RTX-3 VMG Cleveland Golf Men's RTX-3 VMG Cleveland Golf Men's RTX-3 VMG Cleveland Golf Men's RTX-3 VMG Cleveland Golf Men's RTX-3 VMG


RTX-3 wedges exploit a new V Sole drudgery that upgrades turf cooperation which proficient by adding bounce to the outstanding edge. Because RTX-3 wedges descend through the turf so conveniently. club head speeds remain perpetual and players are able to hit the ball more particular cordage. Finally, a new Rolex club face is being used, with enhance and consistent spin from all. Turf conditions being its calling card. The new Tour Zip trench are deeper and definite for more spin. While the micro-milling pattern is cast on sand and lob wedges to development spin on shots played with an open club face.

Good colors

RTX-3 best golf putters wedges also feature three different finishes. Tour Satin, Black Satin, and Tour Raw Of appropriate note as it relates to the different finishes. The Black Satin finish has been designed to last longer than ordinary black finishes. While the raw finish that a TMs obtainable is identical to the Raw finish being played by the superiority of Cleveland TMs touring professionals. A Details Shaft True Temper Dynamic golf putters Grip Cleveland Blue Cap by Lam kin Finish Black Satin a Ideal for Golfers of all ability levels. That said, picking the right wedge(s) is outstanding and players need to understand which RTX-3 models will work best for.

RTX-3 Black Satin

The RTX-3 Blade gets you closer to the hole than any wedge Cleveland golf putters has ever made. The blade shape design is ideal for maximizing all-around wedge performance.

Patent-Pending Feel Balancing Technology

Nine grams of mass are removed from the readjust  to the wedge head for a center of gravity closer to the impact zone. Not only does this improve feel, but our testing also shows this technology has created the tightest shot dispersion of any wedge Cleveland Golf has ever made.

V Sole Grinds Add Shot Consistency and Control

Three tour-proven grinds feature a V shape with more leading edge bounce to help the club head. through the turf faster at impact for crisper feel and more consistent performance.

New Rolex Face Increases Spin

The third-generation RTX face features a refined groove shape. a new Rotex micro-milling pattern engineered to optimize spin performance by loft, and Laser Milling. These technologies combine to generate not only the most spin. but the most consistent spin within the limits.


Each dot above represents where each wedge shot landed relative to where it was struck on the face (see key). Cleveland Golf Conducted this test using a swing robot outdoors in light wind conditions (3-7 mph) with full swings using 52-degree wedge models featuring stock stiff flex steel shafts.



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