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Bridgestone Tour B330 RXS 2017 – Best Golf Balls

Bridgestone is one of the largest and popular Sports and other type of manufactured company in the world. Especially this Bridgestone developed Golf Equipment. Bridgestone Company launched the Bridgestone Tour B330 RXS 2016 model best golf balls. There are various popular game in the world but among of them golf is the most popular and demandable sports. We know about “TIGER WOODS” who is the most popular and demandable sportsman in the world. However today I am going to discuss about best golf balls which has good features and great advantages. Let’s jump to original matter.

For new generation

Golfers with a club face speed of less than 104mph (Mile per Hours). According the result the result of more than 3, 00,000 (3 lac) fittings in the USA and UK. The Actual club face speed of 75 % of all golfers is less than 104 mph (Mile per Hours). It has the AMATEUR core specifically developed for this generation of golf balls. Tour B330 RXS is the response. It’s a high solidity of the core provides more distance and low spin rate on fairway shots while keeping the typically soft feel. The New Elastic Slippers cover is the softest one ever of a B330 RXS.

golf balls Bridgestone Tour B330 RXS Golf Balls Bridgestone Tour B330 RXS Golf Balls Bridgestone Tour B330 RXS Golf Balls

Good features

The best golf balls are the same like as The B330S. The wonderful best golf balls is Increasing spin rate or semi shorts and it reduce spin rate on full shorts. It is a more and more concordance of the flight and longer stability due to self repairing structure idea performance tour ball for player with non professional club face speed. The smart product has 3 colors white shade which all are mind-blowing. The items are available in 3 pieces in one box. It has 330 dimples. This smart product is made of high technology that increases the durability.


Softness is the important thing for golf ball because the speed, aim is depends on softness. The best golf balls Amatour core is 28% softer than other average tour ball core and it utilizes a steeper gradient in softness from the inner part of core to the outer region. That’s why it makes faster speed and more reduced spin off the driver.

New technology

To make this best golf balls the manufacturer use new technology which is newly formulated SlipRes cover the highest friction. It helps to maximum spin and reduced spin off the driver for longer distance. So SlipRes delivers a self-repairing cover for longer play ability. It is noticeable that it is related to the RXS and used RX version. It enhances feel and creating increased spin on shots played from around the green.

Seamless cover

To make the golf ball the high technology SCT is used that eliminates the straight part line and results in the most consistent golf ball in terms of accuracy, distance and trajectory ever created. Cause of seamless technology the surface is very smooth which is the most important for best golf balls.

Dimple cover pattern

On the outer side the dual dimple cover pattern are used that reduce drag at launch for faster elevation. During playing time these dimple promote a shallow angle of descent for increased rollout on landing. The dimple protects air during flying the ball. Cause of dimple pattern the durability increase than more other golf balls. The important information for you that the most favorite golf player “TIGER WOODS” play with this Bridgestone product.

Control swing speed                                                                                  

If any player swing at less than 105 MPH than everybody will he can’t play. All time this blame is not for him. For making pattern he can’t control swing speed. But the best golf balls use high technology and dimple patent that keep air smoothly and control swing speed which is why it created the new tour B330RXS.

Good package:

You will get 12-ball pack which is covered very nice and protective but the price is only 34.99 dollars. Cause of high quality its price should be more but manufacturer don’t fix high price to think their popularity.

At a glance

  • B330 Rxs B Mark Golf Balls
  • 12-ball pack
  • Color white
  • 28% softer than average tour ball
  • SlipRes cover
  • Seamless cover technology(SCT)
  • Dimple cover pattern
  • Product guaranty
  • Sold by Amazon
  • Reasonable price
  • Good looking and nice design
  • Faster ball speed
  • More reduce spin

Product guaranty

The manufacturing is giving you product guarantee. If you get any problem of this product then you may complain to the manufacturer. They must give you money back or change the product. That’s why you have to complain with email.


Finally, you may buy this product although various types of products are available in the market. You may buy anyone of them. Just one request, you must study the buyer’s guide before buying. Get ready for making with champion with best golf balls. To get more keep your eyes regularly.

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