Medium Durable Duffel Gym Bag

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24.5″W Medium Durable Duffel best gym bag for man

In the modern age, most of the people are aware about their body fitness and fashion. It is not only for smartness but keep their life health and happily. Male, female, kids even older person are engaged with fitness activities. That’s why they go to gym, yoga or workout at home. To keep fitness some gym materials are essential but carrying of these tools is not easy on free hand. To remove this situation some manufacturing company has made gym bag. Each bag has different feature. Today I will discuss about best gym bag for man that you can use for gym bag or travelling. I hope this article will help you. So let’s go to core discussion.

There are a lot of company has brought gym bag in the market. They have different features and advantages. I’m going to discuss about sports duffel gym bag which is provided by “NORTHREADY” and all condition is fulfill by Amazon. It has extra features and advantages that create goodwill than other. How this gym bag for man is so popular and perfect for you I’ll try to give you some information.

Large space:

Generally maximum gym bags are too small and have noisy strap hooks that haven’t enough pockets to keep necessary things separately. The NORTHREADY is giving a large wide best gym bag for man which has 19” wide main compartment space, 24.5” long with outside pockets. It has a shoulder strap with quite hooks where you can keep 4 good size compartments shoes and gear plus additional pockets for keys and water bottle. That’s means it is more usable, efficient space in a long lasting nice looking bag.

Good looking:

The smart gym bag for man is looking nice and fashionable that you can bear anywhere. Upper part, lower part, inner part and both side has extra looking what you can’t see before. For good looking you can use it as gift for your friends.

Sufficient pockets:

For any bag pockets are important that increase the demand of bag. Say you have various materials but you can’t keep these in your bag it will not want. This bag has front large pocket and 2 large side pockets for keeping all sports items and accessories. I sides pocket provide ventilation to air where you can keep shoes or dump item. And another side pocket is made of mesh fabric where you can keep water bottle. Only not two pockets it has extra accessories pockets where you may keep keys, phone etc. you may keep things separately easily. So there is no chance to mix all things that’s why it will help to find out necessary accessories.


Medium Durable Duffel Gym Bag Medium Durable Duffel Gym Bag Medium Durable Duffel Gym Bag Medium Durable Duffel Gym Bag

Waterproof lining and durable exterior:

The gym materials are so weight inasmuch it has possibility to tear anytime. Only not this in any bad weather or rainy season it has possibility entering water into bag. Don’t worry this best gym bag for man is 100% waterproof. Interior waterproof lining are used in main compartment and side walls keep wetness away. To make bag 600D black polyester exterior are used that will give long lasting facilities. Here high quality zippers are used open and close side with each pull. The special feature is reinforcement that is added newly. For easy carrying adjustable shoulder strap and wrap handle are used whichever is the best for you to carry easily.

Keep your shoes:

For gym shoes is necessary item that you can keep in side pocket. 12 size running shoes can fit easily and other shoes like men, women, teens and kids are sure to appreciate the options.

Reasonable price:

Although the measures 24.5” that is longer than the Adidas brand and slightly shorter than the Under Aromo Storm but price is reasonable. If we think and compare with Adidas, Nike and famous brand it should high price. But the facility of customer in head the manufacturer fixed price very reasonable. You will get good price and big brand advantages at the same time.

At a glance:

  • Shipping weight 2.2 pounds
  • ASIN no B019F3NG44
  • Measures 24.5” and wide 24.5”x12”x13”


  • 1 year product guaranty and money back guaranty
  • 100% waterproof
  • Reasonable price
  • Large space
  • Long lasting durability
  • Perfect for gym or traveling
  • Sufficient pockets
  • Easy to carry
  • Adjustable shoulder strap and wrap handle


  • Only black color


Medium Durable Duffel Gym Bag Medium Durable Duffel Gym Bag Gym Bag for manMedium Durable Duffel Gym Bag


The manufacture and seller is giving 100% quality and money back guaranty and 1 year product guaranty. If have any problem just inform them they will refund money as soon as possible.

Bottom line:

Although a lot of company’s product are available in the market that you can use anyone. But you may use this best gym bag for man. I hope you will happy and grateful. All features, activities, durability and product warranty are really good. Just on word before buying or using product you must read the buyer’s guide. No more today, carry on and happy journey in your life. Thanks to read this article. To read more articles keep your eyes on this site. If you get minimum benefit I’ll be grateful.

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