Diggin Lazer Pitch Baseball with baseball bat bags


Diggin Lazer Pitch Baseball

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Diggin Lazer Pitch Baseball with baseball bat bags is the best base ball that is ultimate in backyard fun. It provided by Diggin Company its model number is 10007. Its dimensions are 10.6 x 8 x 13.9 inches and shipping weight is 3.6 pounds that is fulfilled by Amazon.


Diggin Lazer Pitch Baseball is produced by technology and it has pitching machine that allows you to control the timing of each pitch. It has battery and button for this Just press the button on the handle of the bat to activate the pitch. Lazer Pitch Baseball includes the pitching machine and a radio control 26 inch bat and 5 balls. Lazer Pitch Baseball features has adjustable pitching angles that range from normal fast balls to softball lobs to 90 degree pop-ups for the players who are beginners.


Lazer Pitch Baseball with baseball bat bags shoots pitches up to 25 feet.  It has red light that will confirm that a pitch is coming for this the beginners can enjoy with self. For kids who want to use their own bat, the machine has an “auto” mode that will shoot pitches in every 8 seconds automatically after switching. It is better for the 5+ children it has 4 “D” and 1 “9V” batteries.

baseball bat bags Diggin Lazer Pitch Baseball Diggin Lazer Pitch Baseball



Diggin Lazer Pitch Baseball will give you extra facilities that’s it will hell you to enjoy with self. To play or exercise base ball there need not another player because it has pitch machine that will play with you for this it will become helpful for beginners. Now stock is available and shipping cost is free these products can be shipped within the U.S.

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